formational faith

I believe that our life in Christ is a transformational journey of becoming more fully ourselves, enabled by the Spirit of God and in community with others. This makes it the most thrilling adventure possible, as we learn what it means to be followers of Jesus in every area of life!

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Hi, I'm Miranda

I'm a trainer, creative, and spiritual director and I'm convinced that when Jesus said He came to give us 'life in all its fullness,' He meant it! I'm dedicated to walking alongside people in their journeys of growth and discovery. If you are looking for someone to accompany you in your own process of formation, then I can help.

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latest blog: severe weather alert

I want to tell you about heat. Relentless, intense, scorching heat. It makes a person feel differently about the world somehow. Every day, we wake up to a movement in the air that feels like a relief. Not because it is cool, but because it carries hope that cool may return some day. The air that rolls towards us is already warm in the early morning, but it is not yet as hot as it will be later. We open the blinds and windows to let in whatever freshness this day brings, and in just an hour or two those same blinds will be closed against the sun’s brightness. At around that time, the air will become still and begin to hold onto the heat, which grows throughout the afternoon into a sort of furnace that dissipates only in the middle of the coming night.

This kind of heat dictates our days. The mornings is the only time one feels like doing anything that requires movement or energy. This is not a time for sleeping, the feeling of wasting precious hours of bearable temperatures is too great. Later, the house will be closed up against the onslaught of heat, fans whirring, air-conditioners chugging in their effort to keep us cool. Any outings leave us sweating, breathing shallow breaths against the hot air, moving as quickly as possible from one air-conditioned space to another, stealth-agents in a world humming with heat waves. Continue reading ...

christian formation for you

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embodied spirituality

People often think of their personal development as being spiritual or professional, physical or intellectual. Many Christians have never considered their bodies as intrinsic to their process of formation, for example. I show people how a lifestyle based on transformational practices results in holistic and integrated development, helping them become more fully themselves.

Look out for the upcoming seminar called 'Practices that Transform' as a way of kick-starting this part of your journey! You may also be interested in my 12 week spiritual direction package, designed to help you encounter God in your experience of your body, your health and even your physical limitations. Perhaps you would like to join an virtual group following an online fitness program together? If any of these interest you, do contact me to find out more.

what others have said

"You have been a mentor during these last few years as I enter a whole new level in my conversion process, the one I where I realise how spiritual and important my body is in relating to God. The last few years were ones in which I struggled with my body so much. It led me to believe that my body was keeping me back, I started seeing it as a burden. I was introduced to you right in that mess. Our conversations and the ‘Living in your Body with Joy’ seminar took me to a sweet place of deep revelation. Things started to become clear and shift in my mind, so that I could see that my body is a part of who I was created to be and the way I relate to God. This has led to so many revelations and so much healing continues to come on this journey! I have begun to see my body as a gift given to me to relate to Him, gratefulness has started to bloom where there once was bitterness. In short, thank you for bringing me closer to Jesus through the program."

Seminar Participant