formational faith

I believe that our life in Christ is a transformational journey of becoming more fully ourselves, enabled by the Spirit of God and in community with others. This makes it the most thrilling adventure possible, as we learn what it means to be followers of Jesus in every area of life!

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Hi, I'm Miranda

I'm a trainer, creative, and spiritual director and I'm convinced that when Jesus said He came to give us 'life in all its fullness,' He meant it! I'm dedicated to walking alongside people in their journeys of growth and discovery. If you are looking for someone to accompany you in your own process of formation, then I can help.

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journey through advent

Over Advent, I am offering two ways for you to journey with others

as we seek to open to the season's invitation to 'Wait with Expectation.' 

  1. You might like to join a dispersed group following the readings from Malcolm Guite's Advent poetry collection, Waiting on the Word. I will be recording daily readings of the poems and commentary for Advent, Christmas and Epiphany and sharing these via WhatsApp. You can join this group from anywhere in the world, alongside people from as far afield as Australia, Brazil and Cambodia. This is a wonderful way to journey in the company of a truly global community of Christ-followers! For more information do get in touch!
  2. For the first time, this year I am offering a downloadable guide to a fully designed creative Advent retreat. You can enjoy this retreat individually or with a group. Using creative processing and following seven creative 'stations', you will reflect on what it means in your life currently to 'Wait with Expectation.' Find out more here.

a new ministry house in spain

We are raising funds to purchase a new ministry house that will enable us to expand our capacity to walk alongside cross-cultural missionaries and local believers from challenging contexts. The Place of Springs will be a place where people can come for Christian formation, leadership development, debriefing and individual or group spiritual direction. 

Watch the video to find out more and click here to partner with us.


christian formation for you

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embodied spirituality

People often think of their personal development as being spiritual or professional, physical or intellectual. Many Christians have never considered their bodies as intrinsic to their process of formation, for example. I show people how a lifestyle based on transformational practices results in holistic and integrated development, helping them become more fully themselves.

Look out for the upcoming seminar called 'Practices that Transform' as a way of kick-starting this part of your journey! You may also be interested in my 12 week spiritual direction package, designed to help you encounter God in your experience of your body, your health and even your physical limitations. Perhaps you would like to join an virtual group following an online fitness program together? If any of these interest you, do contact me to find out more.

what others have said

"You have been a mentor during these last few years as I enter a whole new level in my conversion process, the one I where I realise how spiritual and important my body is in relating to God. The last few years were ones in which I struggled with my body so much. It led me to believe that my body was keeping me back, I started seeing it as a burden. I was introduced to you right in that mess. Our conversations and the ‘Living in your Body with Joy’ seminar took me to a sweet place of deep revelation. Things started to become clear and shift in my mind, so that I could see that my body is a part of who I was created to be and the way I relate to God. This has led to so many revelations and so much healing continues to come on this journey! I have begun to see my body as a gift given to me to relate to Him, gratefulness has started to bloom where there once was bitterness. In short, thank you for bringing closer to Jesus through the program."

Seminar Participant