different kinds of direction

There are a few people whom I see every month for about an hour, either in person or over video conferencing. These relationships are ongoing, for as long as both the directee and I feel that it is serving them. We create an opportunity to check-in with one another once every 6 months or so to be sure that this is the case. This extended spiritual direction is offered for a recommended donation of between €30 and €55 per session, to help me cover my own related expenses, such as monthly supervision.

In addition to this, I offer a 12 week package of spiritual direction with a specific focus on your relationship with your body. In 6 sessions of about 1 hour each, we will reflect on the ways God might be making himself present to you in the realities of your physical life. This package costs €180.

Finally, I am happy to offer one-off sessions of spiritual direction to those participating in an individual or group retreat. Ordinarily, the cost of these sessions would be absorbed in the overall retreat fee.

Please contact me to find out more, or to check availability.

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I offer Spiritual Direction to people in a few different ways. Read more here.

To find about more, or to check on availability, please get in touch with me directly.