Welcome to our exciting faith adventure! 

We believe God is inviting us to expand our capacity to walk alongside cross-cultural missionaries and local believers from challenging contexts by having a place where they could come for Christian formation, leadership development, debriefing and individual or group spiritual direction. Read more about our vision and how you can partner with us for the sake of kingdom expressions in hard-to-reach nations.

the place of springs

We envision the Place of Springs as a ministry house with a particular focus on spiritual formation for leaders. Guests who come for debriefing, spiritual direction or leadership development would experience substantive input on themes and practices related to spiritual formation. 

In this sense, we see the Place of Springs as part of a growing movement of missionaries and leaders who are realigning their priorities around the journey of discipleship.

a sneak peak

Our vision is to establish a ministry house for Christian formation, debriefing, leadership development

and spiritual direction. This is an invitation for you to partner with us.



  • As skilled and experienced cross-cultural workers, my husband, Tim, and I serve Christians who live and work in Europe & North Africa
  • We’ve found that the longer a person lives in a place, the more connected they are relationally and the more effective their Christian witness
  • North Africa is a context that demands a lot from people: physically, emotionally and spiritually
  • People need support in order to thrive in challenging locations over the long-term
  • We’ve been supporting people through leadership development, debriefing and spiritual direction for several years but space to host them is limited
  • We’ve identified a great property nearby that has space for groups of 12-15 people, in addition to our family living space
  • Our offer to purchase the property has been accepted and, in addition to the manageable mortgage to be held privately in our names, we need to raise a further £90,000 by the end of November

make a donation

Would you journey with us in making The Place of Springs a reality? And not just for the sake of those we serve directly, but for the individuals and communities served by them in hard-to-reach place. In addition to the portion we are funding through a mortgage, we have raised a third of the total needed before 30 November: help to keep us moving towards our goal! Join our growing group of supporters by clicking on the link below to make a donation of any size.

Thank you to all those who have given and to those who have let us know that they will be discussing a donation with their partner, YWAM community, or church. It means a lot to know that you are behind us!