the funding need

We have found a wonderful property here in Spain that lends itself perfectly to helping the people we serve. In 2021 we made an offer which was accepted, and we began fundraising. Our initial aim was to raise a cash deposit of 40% through donations, and to raise the remaining 60% of the agreed price through a mortgage. 

We have been blown away by the generous provision we have received so far. By the end of 2021, the 40% was fully raised through gifts and a private loan. Our mortgage application, however, has been denied. It seems unlikely now that we will be able to raise a mortgage here in Spain. With the mortgage denied, the date of our agreed offer to purchase lapsed. The property is once more on the open market, though we remain in close communication with the vendor, who will honour our original offer should we raise the remainder of the funds.

We therefore still need to raise a further £160K, through donations and/or private loans, in order to complete the purchase of this property (or an alternative property of a similar size in this area). If you sense an invitation to take part in this venture through a gift or a loan, then you can find the information below.

Our sending agency is Church Mission Society and we work locally with YWAM. Please note that, while this property will be used as a ministry centre, it will be privately owned. If you have questions about the reasons for this, please ask.

to donate in the UK & overseas

If you are located in the UK and would like to make a donation directly, please contact us for details. If you are familiar with PayPal, while there is a fee, it is an easy and straightforward way to make a donation from anywhere in the world. Our PayPal account is in British pounds and can be found here.

to donate in the USA

If you are based in the United States, we are set up to receive donations through the services of YWAM Tyler. You can do this online, using the button below, or contact us for information if you prefer to give by cheque.