the funding need

After looking for some time, we have found a great property here in Spain that would lend itself perfectly to helping the people we serve. Since this is classed as a rural property, it is only possible to finance 50% of the purchase price through a mortgage. Repayments on this amount would be equivalent to what we currently pay in rent.

This leaves £200k of the property price to finance in other ways! Those with a heart for ministry in challenging contexts have already begun giving, such that over 25% of this amount has already been pledged. Please consider adding your strength and resources so that this vital work can move forward!

(Please note that while this property would be used as a ministry centre, it would be privately owned. If you have questions about the reasons for this, please ask.)

to donate in the UK & overseas

If you are familiar with PayPal it is an easy and straightforward way to make a donation from anywhere in the world. Our PayPal account is in British pounds and giving in other currencies will involve a conversion. If you prefer to direct your UK giving in some other way, contact us to find out more.

to donate in the USA

If you are based in the United States, we are set up to receive donations through the services of YWAM Tyler. You can do this online, using the button below, or contact us for information if you prefer to give by cheque.

breaking it down

  • If 6 individuals, families, ministry centres and churches gave £5,000 each, and
  • 70 individuals, families, ministry centres and churches gave £1,000 each, and
  • 80 individuals, families and teams gave £500 each, and
  • 200 people gave £100 each … this important ministry centre could open!

Isn't it exciting to think that you, your family, your ministry centre or your church can play a part in the work of the kingdom in nations or locations where you may never actually set foot?! And yet, the part you play is as significant as the role of those who live and work there. What a wonderful invitation!