Leadership development encounter

We are all called to influence our world and often seek to do that without any training. Here is an opportunity to receive vital leadership input from an experienced international staff, without the need to travel anywhere. 

28 September – 9 October, 2020

online learning opportunity

The COVID-19 pandemic has made it difficult to be certain of our ability to follow through on planned events. As a result of this uncertainty, we made the difficult decision to postpone the planned 6 week residential course for leaders, the Leadership Development Course.

We are grateful that we are not restricted to learning and developing in the same location, however! We have created a 2 week online Leadership Development Encounter based on some of the LDC content. The online format means that we can make the course available to far more people, and in more locations, and still have an excellent staff team joining to participate in teaching, processing, and small groups.

course overview

Taught sessions will take place on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday of both weeks. Tuesdays and Fridays will be reserved for assigned self study.

Our classes will be offered via Zoom from 14:00 to 17:00 Malaga time. Each training day will consist of two interactive, training sessions, a short break and a small group.

The developmental curriculum will cover 6 main leadership topics:

  1. Spiritual development – a spiritual rhythm and spiritual leadership
  2. Ministry development – your leadership journey and pioneering
  3. Character development – character, priorities, roles and goals
  4. Team development – model for effective team life
  5. Relational development – positive steps and pitfalls to watch for
  6. Network development – mentoring, coaching, debriefing

how to apply

The online LDE costs just €10, payable by PayPal. Once you have completed your application form and emailed a reference, simply make your payment and email confirmation of the deposit to <infoleadershipencounter@gmail.com>. Application and payment are due by

21 September 2020. For more information go to the Leadership Development Website.